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Em-HR System

Still choosing the application that suit your office needs ? Now comes the web based Em-HR application that makes it easy for Business Owner and HRD to manage and analyze employee performance

Why do we have to use the system Em-HR ?

Simple and Easy to Use

Complete Features

Affordable Prices

What feature do you get from

the Em-HR System?

Core HR

Standard modules that are often used in managing human resource


Detail of personal pay rate calculation net / gross

Leave and permit

For employee who will apply for leave or for permission

Payment Request

Advance Claim or any payment related to employee task

Overtime Request

Determine calculation of overtime rate in terms of number of hours and wages

Medical Reimbursement

Advance claim or any payment related to employee task

Training and Business Trip

Claimable expenses or Cash Advance method

Exit Interview & Clearance

Procedure to validating employee has no pending obligation to the company


integrating several attendance devices such as finger print machines, mobile attendance is an integrated Em-HR system

Shift Management

Shifting schedule can be easily set

Facility Management

Asset management settings used by employees


Brief information on module selection in the form of diagrams or graphic value

Performance Management

Employee’s Perfomance Appraisal become faster and accurate


Recording employee career journey in the company


Helping you to post job vacancies to get the best talents

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