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Procedure to validating employee has no pending obligation to the company

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Monday, 18 July 2022

The process of handing over assets and company equipment attached to employees who resign will be easier and more controlled, avoiding company assets being lost and being detected. When an employee wants to resign or stop working at a company, of course he will go through stages of the process involving the worker and the HRD division because of obligations between both parties that must be completed when the resignation date is approved, such as the activity of submitting a resignation letter, work hand over, to the return of company assets held by employees such as access cards, ID cards, laptops, vehicles and so on.

For large companies that have many employees and are spread across several cities, it will certainly take quite a while to complete this activity. With limited HR staff, it is possible for the process to be quite long and open other gaps such as assets that cannot be returned, lost assets, damaged assets and so on.

This will certainly be a loss for the company if many assets are not recorded and lost only because the database is not perfect or complete. Manual processes that tend to be risky because of the large number of files stored and mixed with other waste will make it difficult for HRD staff to process quickly.

This can actually be easily overcome if you use the right HRD system or application. All obstacles related to the employee database will be easily detected so that the Exit Interview & Clearance process can run smoothly. Try the Em-HR app sign up for free here...


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Lingga Asmara
HRIS yang ok...
1 year ago
Fera Minarti
fitur trackingnya komplit
1 year ago
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