Advance Shifting

Scheduling shifting of employee jobs automatically through time settings according to company policy

Implementation of Shifting or Work Shift Schedules is Very Important in Company Time Management

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Working time is very important to be maximized because with all employees working effectively and on time, of course they will be able to produce good work too. In companies engaged in production, distribution and services, of course, the use of employee shifts is something that must be prepared carefully, this is related to the speed and accuracy of producing a product or service. For example, a cigarette company in Indonesia has sales and distribution in the country and abroad. To pursue production in large quantities so that production cashflow is maintained, the company decided to produce 1x24 hours for 7 working days each week.

Managing the number of thousands of employees at work requires a good shifting schedule arrangement so as not to disrupt the stability of work and daily production. By using shifting settings and manual attendance recording, of course, it will be difficult, especially since the HRD staff is very limited. This will be an obstacle for the company if there is a difference or error related to the wrong employee entering, the employee not coming to work, substitute employee, leave employee and so on. This obstacle will be very easy to overcome if the company has a lot of staff or there are several companies using HRIS application solutions that can manage employee shifts.

The use of this HRIS system will certainly ease the work of an HRD or owner because it is helped in many ways related to employees, especially shifting schedule arrangements. If you want to know more about Em-HR, get a free consultation here


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